May 20 , 2018

HR Technology

Your Corporate Website Is Boring Applicants (Part II of IV)

Providing Specialized or Localized Information to High-Priority Visitors If you have identified something unique about visitors or you have classified these people as highly desirable, they should then be shown specialized or localized information that would not be routinely shown to every applicant, in order to excite and sell them. The website would shift or morph (shift the information provided) ... Read More »

Your Corporate Website Is Boring Applicants (Part IV of IV)

Features That Bring the Firm to Life and Make the Firm Appear Genuine Most careers sites provide little more excitement than reading a paper brochure. One of the goals of the website should be to include information that brings the firm to life and makes the work experience seem genuine (e.g., real or more believable). This information differs from "wow" ... Read More »

Your Corporate Website Is Boring Applicants (Part III of IV)

Other Information-Gathering Elements for All Visitors In addition to assessing qualifications and capturing resume details, there is other information you should attempt to get from all visitors, whether they are active or passive, during their visit to your site. Elements under this feature include: Capture Their Job-Switch Criteria. This element requires applicants to list the criteria they would use when ... Read More »

Peoplesoft Is Being Swallowed by the Evil Empire

Here are a few of the ways it will impact critical HR areas, including recruiting, metrics, reporting, and self service. 1. Say goodbye to a cadre of HR founders and visionaries. There's little argument that "bad boy" Larry Ellison cares little about HR as a profession. HR isn't a prime function within Oracle, nor is the HR suite a primary ... Read More »

Paradigm Paralysis in HR Technology, Part 2

ERE Readers Chime in Regardless of what we write we always expect that somewhere, someone will find fault with what was written and disagree with us. When we submitted last week's article, we expected nothing different. In fact, we fully expected that by the time us West Coasters woke up, turned on our computers, and synchronized our e-mail, that we ... Read More »

Paradigm Paralysis in HR Technology, Part 1

It is no secret that many corporate customers of HR solution providers are disgruntled, especially in the applicant tracking market where it has become common to bounce from vendor to vendor every few years despite a lack of significant differentiation in product/service offerings. As vendor-neutral advisors, we're routinely asked to advise organizations on matters that pertain to technology, and can ... Read More »

The Most Important Omission From Corporate Job Sites

The other day I was asked, “What is the single worst thing about most corporate career sites?” I laughed, and then hesitated ó because there are so many things wrong with most corporate sites. But after moment I gathered my thoughts and answered directly: They fail to immediately capture the potential candidate’s email address. Why is that a problem? Well, ... Read More »

Wowing Them On The Web Getting Passive Job Seekers To Visit A Firms Job Web Page

The best workers to recruit are probably also the best workers at the company they already work for! Unfortunately this means that they are probably well treated and are not actively looking for a job. As a result, they probably would not visit anyone’s job web page. Other content, employed performers look at “having to visit a job site” as ... Read More »