May 20 , 2018

HR Strategy

How the Talent Management Function Can Thrive In a VUCA World

This is part 1 of a series on talent management in a VUCA world. By Dr. John Sullivan As a leader in talent management, you have undoubtedly already noticed over the last decade that there has been continuous volatility and change in the business, political, social, technological, and even the physical environment. Well, this world of turmoil actually has a ... Read More »

6 Talent Management Lessons From the Silicon Valley

No matter where I travel around the world, people are extremely curious about the unique talent management practices of Silicon Valley. Over my 30+ years of working in the Valley, I have tried to distill the best talent management practices of great firms like Facebook,Google, and Apple (as well as the practices of many of the startups) into what I call “the Six ... Read More »

A Quick Guide on How to ‘Talk Strategically’

Many in business and most in talent management fail to realize that as soon as you open your mouth, it’s immediately obvious to almost all leaders and executives whether you are “strategic” and “know the business.” If you have ever been a CEO or senior executive (as I have), you already know that strategic individuals use a completely different language ... Read More »

Revealing 3 Leading Edge Talent Practices From the Silicon Valley

Practices: The return of talent agents; HR owns M&A; and hiring without degrees Anyone who tracks advanced trends in talent management knows that many of them  originated in the Silicon Valley. However, you probably also know that many of the publicized practices that start in the Silicon Valley are so unique and even outrageous (like the free Sweets Shop that ... Read More »

Announcing The Winner In The Epic Corporate Battle Of Innovation Vs. Efficiency

Take notice: If what you do produces only average results… prepare to be eliminated! We are witnessing a visible revolution and shift in corporate focus. The public visibility of this shift is unusual because strategic changes in the corporate world are normally slow in coming. In fact, the majority of corporate leaders typically fail to identify or even grasp it ... Read More »

How Yahoo’s Decision to Stop Telecommuting Will Increase Innovation

Marissa Mayer’s decision to require Yahoo employees to “come into the office” has already been criticized by many. But most of the criticisms that I have come across have been based on emotion rather than data. If you understand the science behind increasing innovation through face-to-face interaction, her decision can only be classified as “a brilliant business decision.” Innovation Has ... Read More »

Talent Strategies for a Turbulent VUCA World — Shifting to an Adaptive Approach

It’s not the big that eat the small. It’s the fast that eat the slow! –-Author Jason Jennings If the rate of change inside your firm is slower than the rate of change occurring outside your firm, your end is in sight. –-Jack Welch’s philosophy Even the most optimistic business leaders have begun to realize that the incredible business turbulence ... Read More »

How Prioritization Can Maximize HR’s Business Impact, Part 2 of 2

In part 1 of this article I highlighted the many reasons why prioritizing positions, employees, and business units was necessary, and how it could dramatically increase business results. In the following sections, I will highlight the methodology and steps that HR leaders need to take in order to prioritize HR’s customers and programs. Steps in the Prioritization Process If you going ... Read More »

How Prioritization Can Maximize HR’s Business Impact, Part 1 of 2

Why HR Must Prioritize Its Internal Customers Prioritization is one of the highest-ROI practices available to HR leaders, but unfortunately most in HR have failed to take advantage of it. It takes very little time or money to prioritize your internal customers, but the results can be dramatic. Prioritizing can result in a 10% to 20% increase in your business ... Read More »

The Top 40 Problems With 360-degree Employee Feedback Processes (Part 2 of 2)

This “think piece” is part of my series designed to expand your thinking about strategic HR. The Top 40 Problems With 360° Employee Feedback Programs Whether you design, execute, or you are merely asked to fill them out periodically, you should be interested in maximizing the effectiveness of 360s. I split the potential issues/problems into seven categories. The remaining four in this ... Read More »