May 20 , 2018

HR Strategy

Are Recruiters Apathetic?

If you have ever wondered why HR professionals continue to be viewed in a negative light in most organizations, the following results might help you figure out the answer: Who's hiring? Some 96% of the firms responding to the survey had plans to hire either new or replacement staff during the 2005 calendar year. Of that 96%, 26% planned to ... Read More »

The Best Practices of the Most Aggressive Recruiting Department, Part 2

Structural Elements in the Recruiting Function Internal executive search. The team developed an internal executive search capability to identify, recruit, interview, and assist in the selection of executives, senior management, and other key management positions. The resulting effort saved hundreds of thousands of dollars and produced hires faster — and who perform better — than the previous external executive recruiting process. Forecasting ... Read More »

Poaching, Ethics, Slavery And Personal Opinions

Employees Are Not Owned by the Corporation Poaching employees is not stealing, because employees are never owned. I literally laugh out loud when I hear individuals say that it is illegal or unethical to poach or steal employees from another company. Let me be crystal clear on this: Employees are not owned by the corporation. The U.S. Constitution and numerous ... Read More »

How To Find a Great Recruiter

The Problem Is Here Today Although many experts are talking about a shortage of talent that will hit in 2006, in many regions and industries the shortage is already occurring. Job posting sites that target recruiters, like ERE's job board, have seen a marked increase in the number of job postings recently, many of which remain unfilled for long periods ... Read More »

A Case Study of Google Recruiting

"Disruptive Technology" and Strategic "Disruptive Recruiting" Google, through its branding, PR, and recruiting efforts, has made itself so well known and attractive to professionals from every industry and university that they have essentially changed the game of recruiting forever. If you know anything about technology, you know that people in the field use the term "disruptive technology" for technologies like ... Read More »

Three New Roles Every Modern, Strategic Talent Management Function Must Have

Driving Change: Three New Roles Defined While breaking down the barriers between the existing HR functions that impact talent management is in itself a profound success, leading organizations are also formalizing a number of proactive activities that add true strategic power to talent management. By creating a formal workforce planning role, organizations are empowering staffing departments, training departments, and operations ... Read More »

31 Things That Set Great Recruiters Apart From the Average

Anyone can call themselves a recruiter. There are no university degrees in recruiting, no laws that require you to pass a test or be certified like those required to become an accountant or lawyer. All it takes is a job title and a business card. To compound the problem, most people who enter recruiting do so in order to use ... Read More »

Actions Speak Louder Than Words: No Wonder Turnover Is About To Skyrocket!

Several articles of late have mentioned how analysts and thought leaders are predicting that, as the economy in the Untied States begins to recover at an increased pace, voluntary turnover among many U.S. corporations will skyrocket. Some analysts are predicting involuntary turnover rates as low as 20%, while others peg the amount of pent-up turnover somewhere near the 45% mark. ... Read More »

The Turnover Tidal Wave Is Coming: Are You Ready?

Let’s face it, the economy has been in a downturn for a good while now, and few of us have been giving much thought to employee retention. But that’s a huge mistake, because a literal flood of turnover is about to take place. Smart managers and HR professionals need to start preparing for it right away. The reason turnover rates ... Read More »

Beating Boredom: How To Remain Productive During Slow Times

It is a well-known fact that fewer firms are hiring these days. And while most organizations have trimmed back their recruiting function to its barest bones, throughout corporate America there are recruiters still in their jobs, at their desks ó bored to death. While many are using this time to catch up on paperwork that never got completed, to research ... Read More »