May 20 , 2018

HR Metrics & Analytics

Quality of Hire: Why You Should Measure It

I consider the single biggest fault with corporate and external recruiting functions to be their almost universal failure to measure the quality (or performance) of the people they hire. Nearly every other “overhead” function, from supply chain to package delivery, has jumped on the ISO or six-sigma bandwagon, but recruiting has continued to resist. If it’s fear of being exposed ... Read More »

Develop An Employment Dashboard And Index

You can’t improve what you don’t measure, so metrics are a crucial element of great recruiting. I recommend three basic approaches to employment metrics. The first is a “dashboard” (like a car dashboard), which is so named because it allows you to continually monitor all of the vital elements in a successful employment function. The second approach is an employment ... Read More »

How To Measure The Quality Of Your Applicants (Before You Hire Them)

Managers are continually asking for a higher quality of candidate, while recruiters tend to focus on the cost or the speed of the hire. The quality of the applicant is clearly the superior factor. There are many ways to measure the quality of the applicants (before you hire them). Some of them include: They get at least one counter offer. If ... Read More »

Predicting Who Is About To Quit

I am continually surprised at managers who are surprised when one of their own top people quits. Identifying who is likely to leave is relatively easy-if you are aggressive and think ahead. Some firms have reached as high as 75% accuracy in predicting who is likely to leave. With a planned strategy you can easily predict who is at risk ... Read More »

Test Your Systems…You Might Not Hire Back Your Own Employees!

Most employment selection systems are so bad that if you submitted the resumes of your own firm’s top performers, they probably wouldn’t get re-hired. It’s not as unusual as you might think. Most selection systems fail to track their own effectiveness. Now before you get nervous, be aware that checking selection systems does not require a complicated validation procedure. Here ... Read More »

Why People Accept And Quit A Job Made Simple: It’s Just Market Research

The two hottest issues in the Silicon Valley are the attraction and retention of top talent. I am often asked by very tired recruiters “what is the secret to getting them to say “yes” and in “keeping them” so I can get off of this “recruit, lose, and recruit again” cycle? The answer is easier than you think and it ... Read More »

Instead Of The Cost Of Hire?Measure The Cost Of A Bad Hire

If your company has a turnover of 20% per year and all of your new hires are mediocre, it will only take 5 years for all of your entire workforce to be mediocre. The cost of a “bad hire” for a software engineer can exceed a million dollars, for a CEO it could be as much as $1.4 Billion (Ask ... Read More »