May 20 , 2018

Employment Branding

The Wall Street Journal Recognizes Recruiting Excellence at HealthEast

From Minneapolis-St. Paul to Wall Street On October 3, 2005, The Wall Street Journal profiled Ms. Knoepke Campbell in its Theory and Practice column, which appears in the Managing section of the paper (click here to read the column). The column is dedicated to looking at the people and ideas that are demonstrating an impact and influencing managers. Ms Knoepke-Campbell, ... Read More »

Employment Branding: Calculating the Economic Impacts

Employment branding is a powerful recruiting retention and motivation tool. For most successful organizations, great employment branding efforts revolve around these six pillars: Becoming “talked about” in key industry and functional publications   Getting listed in best-places-to-work lists Getting listed on best practice benchmarking lists and in research studies Improving management behaviors across the organization through rapid “what-works sharing” among ... Read More »

The 8 Elements of a Successful Employment Brand

Many organizations are starting to see glimmers of faster paced growth. As a reaction, many are becoming more aware of the need to build their employment brand as a well-managed company and good place to work. And while senior executives long ago realized the value of building product brands, and now credit portions of their market value to such brands, ... Read More »

Why Branding Is Important in HR

A question that seems to be popping up more and more in the minds of recruiters and general HR leadership is, “Why should branding be important to me? I work in HR, not marketing.” In proposing my response to this question, I must admit that just a few short years ago my answer would have been significantly more limited than ... Read More »

Crafting a Lofty Employment Brand: A Costly Proposition

What a difference a decade makes. Ten years ago the U.S. economy was emerging from a slump, and as corporations maneuvered to garner a piece of the growth, it was clear that there was going to be a war for talent. In the years that followed, news story after news story spoke of the shortage of technology workers, while the ... Read More »

Measuring Your Employer Brand

Last week I wrote about rebuilding a damaged or tarnished employer-of-choice brand. Based on the articles people were searching for on my website and email questions that had come in over the past few weeks, I figured this was becoming an emerging issue. This week my colleague Master Burnett and I are going to build on last week’s article by ... Read More »

Rebuilding a Damaged Employer Brand

I have helped numerous companies improve their employer-of-choice brand image over the years. But recently I was asked about an interesting related issue: How do you rebuild a “tarnished” employment brand after a negative PR event? The question is a new one, in part because in the past it was relatively rare for a firm with a great reputation to ... Read More »