May 20 , 2018

College Recruiting

The Future of College Recruiting Will Be Dominated by Market Research (Part 2 of 2)

In part one of this two part series I indicated that now is an opportune time to evaluate new strategies and tools with regard to college recruiting.  Leading talent functions in corporations around the globe are migrating their approach to college recruiting away from being a game of chance to a more serious function that embraces cutting-edge marketing and sales ... Read More »

The Future of College Recruiting Will be Dominated by Market Research (Part 1 of 2)

The current lull in college recruiting is an opportune time to evaluate new strategies and tools. It is no secret that the vast majority of organizations that recruit from college campuses globally do so tactically, employing little or no strategy.  To even the casual observer, the approaches used are predictable, pedestrian, and in some cases laughable, but all of that ... Read More »

Best Practices in Recruiting — ERE Excellence Awards 2010 (Part 3 of 4)

Winner — Ernst & Young As one of the “big four,” Ernst & Young’s thirst for new talent to fill the ranks of its professional service workforce is unending. Despite noticeable economic impacts on their business, Ernst & Young invested as usual, hiring 2,700 new graduates from over 300 of the best colleges and universities in North America. Over the ... Read More »

Metrics for Assessing College-hire Effectiveness and ROI

It would be pretty hard to throw a stone in most HR organizations without hitting someone who manages an antiquated process. Despite significant changes in how people live, work, and play, many HR practices continue on as if they were operating in 1960. For years employment advertising specialists relied on channels with shrinking audiences, simply because that’s how it was ... Read More »

College Recruiting on a Shoestring Budget – ERE Community Q&A

Questions & Answers How do you make the business case to managers who believe now is not the time to be recruiting college grads/interns, etc.? What are the long-term consequences of stopping college recruiting? Any time you make a business case you need to address the concerns of your audience and sell your solutions in terms they value. Most managers ... Read More »

Referrals: A Powerful but Missing Element of College Recruiting (Part 1 of 2)

The Referral Concept The basic premise of all employee referral programs is that “the very best” know other top individuals. They get to know them because top performers learn from and compare themselves to other top performers. Professionals are constantly talking to each other on the phone, through text messaging, and Internet forums. Shifting the focus to students, it’s clear ... Read More »

Referrals: A Powerful but Missing Element of College Recruiting (Part 2 of 2)

Things to Do Offer rewards. Surprisingly, many people associated with a university are willing to make referrals with no promise of a reward. Why? Because they really believe in the abilities of the students they know and work with. You don’t need to give away a flat-screen TV in order to be successful. Students will readily refer with simple rewards ... Read More »

Über College Recruiting: How Advanced College Recruiting Differs From Your Current Approach

Most Firms Utilize the Traditional Approach I estimate that 95% of corporate college recruiting programs follow the traditional model because everyone is familiar with it and they are simply comfortable using it. I sometimes call the traditional model the “career center focus” model because it relies so heavily on services offered by the career center, and very little on actual ... Read More »

The Google Recruiting Machine Rolls On With Google’s College Ambassador Program

The King of Employment Branding The recent collapse of the banking and financial markets has subdued much of the consulting and investment banking competition that Google once faced on campuses. Despite some turbulence, the high-tech industry is still a shining light in this economy, and Google is by far most students’ number-one choice of employers among high-tech firms. Recent research ... Read More »

Building Relationships With Professors to Gain a Recruiting Edge (Part 2 of 2)

Developing a Formal Relationship-Building Process Today, if you want to identify top students, build your brand, and “sell” the best students, you need to go beyond the career center and build relationships with the faculty who know and have the ability to influence the decisions of these students. Once your firm makes the decision to build long-term relationships with faculty, ... Read More »